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Important things to check when searching for reliable movers

Searching for reliable movers can be very difficult if you do not know on what things you must pay attention.  We compiled a list of what we think are the most important things you should know about movers. This article will provide you with all the information you will need in your search, and at the same time help you avoid any frauds, injuries and damaged goods!

Ask friends for advice when searching for reliable movers

Having friends with moving experience is a big bonus when searching for reliable movers. They are the ones that can recommend you a good company and make your searching easier and a lot shorter. Sometimes Google is not the best place for searching. That is why the first-hand experience can come in handy. It is not uncommon for people to have a bad experience with companies that are highly rated as good ones.  But what makes them appear good is the money they put into web site design and marketing. And on the other hand, people have a great experience with fairly new moving companies that are not that popular at the moment. They can easily give you the best advice on how to find a reliable City Moving & Storage MN. Everything is possible and you should ask your friends for advice they can give.

Four people fist bumping
Friends can help you when searching for reliable movers

Check out companies reviews and feedbacks

This is an important part of the search because it gives a lot of information you couldn’t usually find on the website or by calling. There are good Minneapolis movers with great reviews. These are the first-hand experiences with the said company. Once you narrow your search on a few companies, check out their online reviews to know more about them.  Customers often leave negative or positive feedbacks based on their experiences. This comes in handy when deciding on that final moving company.  You should also check out if the company as some legal issues with some of their former customers.

Group of cartoon people
Feedbacks are a good source of information

Find out if the company is properly licenced

Never search for some shady companies just because they seem cheaper. Often the will make some additionally hidden chargers you never know about. To avoid such things when searching for reliable movers, check out their licences. All professional moving companies have a licence number that is issued by the United States Department of Transportation. When it comes to the state moving companies, the ones that operate on a local level, their licence is regulated by the said state. In short, local moving companies have state licences, while others get their licence from United States Department of Transportation.

Cartoon paper licence
Reputable companies have proper licences

Great customer support

Every reliable moving company that respects itself and its users will have a good customer support. They are more than able to provide you with every piece of information you will need in order to know whether to hire them or not. Do not be shy to question them about all the things you want to know. Whether they can give you an estimate or provide any other special service other companies can’t give you. When it comes to estimates, most of the time companies will give you an estimate after they come an examine first hand how much work there is. Customer support can give you an overall estimate based on few things such as:

  • Access to elevators
  • Access to parking lots
  • How narrow is the corridor
  • Which floor
  • Distance travelled
  • What kind of furniture you are transporting
  • Any special requests

Once they know all these information, they can give you some basic estimate on the moving process.

Cartoon man calling customer service
Every good company has a good customer service

Reliable moving companies use latest equipment and technologies

Every successful company that wants to stay on the top will tell you the same thing. Use the latest equipment and trained workers. Good trucks and technologies will save them time and money when they are transporting you and your belongings. Not to mention that the items you are transporting are much safer. There are certain qualities of every reliable moving company.

A truck parked
Professional companies use latest and modern trucks

Trained professionals

Among the newest tech, moving companies will hire only experienced workers. They know how to operate their equipment, lift and properly pack your belongings, transport them and in the end, unpack them. Do not try to lift and do some of the packings by yourself. You risk being injured and possibly damage your stuff. Leave it to the professionals always.

Cartoon worker showing thumbs up
Let trained professionals do the work

A good company will have a well-designed web site

Most of the time people do not check out the companies website for more information, or when they do, they just can’t figure it out. The most important thing for a business to have is a well-designed web site presentation. When searching for reliable movers, their website must be very clear, easy to navigate and at the same time give you all the information you need. Of course, among all other things, they can provide you with some basic estimate.

Cartoon website
It is important for a business to have a well-designed website

Skip the companies that ask for large deposits

You know something is wrong when you want to hire a company and they ask for a deposit that is unusually large. This is most of the times a part of a shady companies fraud attempts. With the high deposit, they will probably charge you some extra services you probably do not need. A reputable moving company won’t ask for a deposit larger than 20%. In most cases, they will not charge you until the moving process is finished. Shady companies can refuse to give back your items in order to charge you more. In that case, you should contact your local police department.

money on the table used for searching for reliable movers
Deposits shouldn’t be higher than 20%


If you are searching for reliable movers take these few steps:

  • Use good sources of information such as feedbacks, reviews or recommendations
  • Make sure the moving company doesn’t have any legal issues and it is properly licenced
  • Hire a moving company that fits your budget perfectly and doesn’t have any hidden costs

Searching for reliable movers can be a drag without knowing some basics. This article gives you an insight into things you must know in order to avoid scams and frauds. Give us a feedback if you have any experience! We can’t wait to hear from you!