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How to throw a moving party

Is the moving day approaching? Saying goodbye to your current home, friends, and family is the difficult part of any move. Planning the relocation, searching for the perfect new home and making time to see all of your friends one by one and saying goodbye at the same time might not be possible. This is exactly why people tend to get overwhelmed and emotional during the move. Make the whole process much easier and move with style by making it fun. Throw a moving party and invite the people you are going to miss. Therefore, you will be able to say goodbye to everyone at the same time, have fun and relax after the months of planning and preparation.

woman throw a moving party
Move with style with a relocation party!

Where to start?

This won’t be an ordinary party, that’s for sure! Partying next to a bunch of packed moving boxes might fell a bit silly. However, it can be fun if you plan the party in advance.

Saying goodbye to your friends and family by throwing a party might be a perfect idea. Besides making the relocation process a little less stressful a moving party can turn out to be useful as well. As you are moving, your friends probably won’t have any problem with you organizing a packing party. Having a few people to help you pack or move the boxes to your new home might help you move quickly and easy.

Here are a few important questions to consider while planning to throw a moving party:

  • What kind of a party do you want?
  • Who do you want to invite?
  • What kind of food and drinks do you need?
  • Is there anything else you might need to throw a moving party?

It’s party time!

The first thing you need to do is to decide what kind of a moving party you want to throw. Is it a moving out party? Or an unpacking one? Or do you plan to throw a moving party after the relocation?

If you are moving to Minnetonka and are among the lucky ones that managed to find reliable movers, you might want to invite your friends to see your home after you settle in. With the help of professional movers, your relocation will be easy and stress-free. As reliable movers can take care of each step and moving preparation for you, the only thing that will be left to plan is the housewarming party.

However, if you plan on moving on your own, getting some much-needed help from your friends and family can make the move little less difficult. Therefore, evaluate which part of your move you might need help with.

Moving with friends can turn out to be fun and easy. Also, you most likely won’t have any troubles getting them on board!

Who do you want to invite?

The invitation list will mostly depend on the kind of a party you are having. Inviting your coworkers to a packing party and having them go through your stuff might not be something you will be comfortable with. Therefore, make sure you choose the guest wisely.

If you need some help, make sure you invite the friends that won’t mind helping and have the time to be there for you. On the other hand, if you have hired professional movers Minnetonka to plan the move and do the heavy lifting, you can relax. Therefore, the only thing left is to start working on the menu and possibly ask for a day off at work.

Food and drinks

Of course, this is one of the most obvious tasks when you plan to throw a moving party. However, make sure you pick the right food and drinks. A multi-course meal and alcohol drinks might not be a good idea if you are having your friends over to help. Some snacks, pizzas and soda drinks will most likely be a great way of saying thanks.

friends eating at a table after a move
Make sure you have enough food and drinks for the party.

If throwing a housewarming party has made your post-move checklist and you plan on inviting new neighbors over, consider ordering food from a local restaurant. This way you will be able to relax, settle in your new home without any stress while being sure your party will go as planned.

Is there anything else you might need to throw a moving party?

If you are planning to throw the party after the move, getting some decorations, candles of extra glasses might be a good idea. However, if you are having a moving party, you need to make sure everyone stays safe during the moving day. Therefore, gather enough protective gear and make sure your friends are dressed safely. Non-slippery shoes and comfortable clothes are a must.

Gather enough packing supplies well in advance. If you are moving on a budget and need to find affordable packing supplies, visit the websites like Craiglist. There are many online sources that can help you find cheap or even free moving boxes.

In order to safely unpack your boxes during a moving party, make sure all of them are labeled properly. Also, inform your friends which boxes have a fragile content and need careful handling.

Are you moving with kids?

Moving with children can be stressful. Kids are not so fond of big changes. Moving to a different city and being the new kid in school may seem scary to them. In order to make the whole process much easier in advance, you need to prepare them for the move.

girls playing
Let your kids plan their own moving party

Besides explaining the reasons for such an important decision you need to give them time to adapt. Therefore, explore your future neighborhood prior to the move. Focus on the positive things about the relocation and be patient.

Your kids will probably have a hard time saying goodbye to their friends and family. Therefore, consider making the process easier for them by letting them plan and throw a moving party of their own. Having a kids’ party after the move might also be a good idea. Therefore, they will have an opportunity to say goodbye to everyone, get to know their new neighbors and more easily get on board.