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How to pack clothes with ease?

Moving to a new home can be a stressful process if you do not know what to do. Especially when it comes to packing. Although we can talk about packing various items throughout this article, this time we will focus on giving you tips and tricks on how to pack clothes without them getting damaged or wrinkled. If you ever had any doubts, lack of ideas and troubles in finding the right way of packing your textile before moving we are sure we can help you with this article.

Declutter your wardrobe before moving

This is one of the first steps you should take before packing. Always ask yourself, do you really need all the clothes you are bringing? Will your new wardrobe have enough space for it? Will you use it anyway? There are certain none – written rules in life, such as if you are not using something for a month, you probably do not need it. That should be enough of a guideline for you when it comes to excess clothes. There are numerous ways of getting rid of all the clothes you don’t need, like:

  • Giving them as presents
  • Donating them
  • Sell them online

Of course, if you do not want to do any of them, and you won’t be moving them in some time, there are quite a number of other options you can use to store them away. As with moving, always use vacuum bags, to protect them from outside conditions like moths, moisture etc. If that proves to be more or less of an issue to you, you can always search for adequate storage facilities in the Twin Cities. They can certainly provide you with storage units that are more than good for storing fabrics and preserving them over time

Wardrobe with clothes
Declutter your wardrobe before you pack clothes

Prepare first, pack clothes later

Right, now after we organized our wardrobe and got rid of the items you won’t need anymore, it is time to prepare clothes before packing them. To pack clothes you must first organize or categorize them.  Often there are several categories such as:

  • Organizing your items by size
  • Pairing them with colors
  • Packing clothes made out of the same fabric

Now that you made categories, it is time to divide clothes by it and pile them together. If the clothes in question aren’t that prone to be wrinkled you can pack them in small boxes. Use various sized boxes for different sized clothes. Some good sturdy boxes should protect your clothes well enough before you arrive at your new home. If you are having trouble finding them, check with your local City Moving and Storage MN companies. They can often provide you with adequate boxes for your clothes. Whether you are moving right away or storing them for later, good boxes will come in handy when you move.

Shirts hanging on a wardrobe
Categorize your clothes by colors

Before moving day comes, pack your off-season clothes

Take your time when it comes to packing off-season clothes. Surely you won’t be using them any time soon, so take your time in planning, getting the boxes and packing them. After you finished sorting clothes, take out the offseason ones and pack them in labeled boxes. Although you won’t use them for a couple of months, you’ll still have to know where did have you packed them. Always remember to use anti-moisture and anti pests products to protect them. That’s the best way to stay sure your clothes will remain the same until you unpack them. Remember, you can always use vacuum bags that can save you a lot of space and protect your items at the same time.

Vacuum bags used to pack clothes
Vacuum bags are a great space saviors

Packing larger clothes

It was always easy to pack clothes that are small in size or that can’t wrinkle that easy. But, what can you do with hanging clothes? Sometimes, packing those hanging clothes can be troublesome. And, it is not always an answer to just get them off the hanger, fold them and pack them in the boxes. Point is, it can take more work than necessary. But, do not worry. There are several methods you can use when it comes to packing hanging clothes, such as:

  • Buy a sturdier garbage bags and make a hole on its bottom, somewhere around the middle of the bag. Next step is to take your clothes with the hanger still on them, and just pull the hooks of the hangers through the hole in the bag. That way you are protecting clothes from outer factors, damage, and wrinkles. Getting proper supplies for packing clothes can be hard. So if you think you can’t find anything appropriate, there are some guides on how to find good packing supplies. Remember, to protect your clothes, you must find a good packing material.
  • Go out and buy a wardrobe box. This is essentially a larger storage box made only for storing hanging clothes. It already has a built-in hanging bar in it. If you do not want to fold your clothes then this is a perfect solution for you. This is a great solution for dresses, suits, gowns etc.
Clothes on a hanger
Larger clothes should be left hanging and transported that way

Packing and folding smaller clothes

Now, this is an easier part if you want to pack clothes quickly. Smaller and foldable items that can be wrinkled are easier to pack and store in boxes. You do not need to buy any special boxes for them. Be creative and use for example suitcases, travel bags, boxes etc. In the video below, we will show you few techniques you can use when packing clothes for traveling and moving. This is a good way to save time and space required for packing.

It is not always easy to pack clothes without any problems. Especially if you are having trouble finding a right method and boxes. We hope we gave you enough information that will help you pack your clothes easy and without stress. If you have any experience, share it with us in the comment section below. We are sure it will help other readers as well. We can’t wait to hear from you!