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Guide for using storage container pods

Container PODS are amazing innovation that made a revolution in the moving industry. But they won’t be that revolutionary if you don’t know how to use them. Maybe it sounds simple but there are few rules for proper pod packing. Therefore, check out our little guide for using storage container pods.

What are storage container pods?

PODS stands for portable on-demand storage. And they present a moving and storage system where they drop off, pick up, and transport your stuff anywhere you want. Basically, they are an ideal combination moving truck and storage unit in one. Also, storage pods are a great alternative to both and they have no time constraints. But have in mind that your experience won’t be as time-saving and exceptional if you don’t know how to use it. You should learn how to efficiently and securely pack a storage pod before you get to work.

Guide for using storage container pods and truck on the road.
Storage container pods can replace both moving van and storage.

Why should you choose pods instead of a moving van

  • You can use storage container pods for both moving and storage. 
  • You will be carrying your things less. Because pods are physically transporting your “stuff” from one location to the other.
  • You will not have to drive a massive truck around town and maneuver it into tight spaces.
  • The pods are at ground level. Therefore, loading and unloading are much easier.
  • Most of moving and storage companies provide it without any time constraints. Henceyou will not have to worry about late fees or overage charges for taking longer than you thought.
  • The only person that has a key to your pod is you.  This means you are always in control of your possessions.
  • They are really cost-effective.

What to Load When and How

First of all, make sure to create a solid foundation that won’t shift during transportation. Consequentlyyour items won’t get damaged during the move.

Make a wall of boxes

You should pack your items from floor to ceiling, making a wall, until they reach the top of the truck. Pack the, very in order to avoid shifting and to evenly distribute weight. This way you will build a sturdy wall of boxes along one side or end of the container.

Pack your couch and lamps in storage container pods
Use couches to maximize space.

Distribute the weight

When loading boxes and heavy items, such as furniture, pay attention to the balance. You should distribute the weight evenly from end-to-end and side-to-side. Start with heavier items, such as appliances and furniture, and place them on the bottom. If you can’t get proper weight distribution with your items, place the heaviest items in the center of the pod and surround it with heavier items.

Fill up the free space allowed

Fill all open spaces with boxes and other small items to provide stability. If there is space between the top of the boxes and the unit’s ceiling, we have a trick for that too. Place some soft items on top of the boxes, such as bags of clothing, linens or blankets. Odd-shaped items, such as bikes, can go near the doors or on top of the boxes. You can use the same cushioning trick to prevent them from moving as well. Make sure to remove the legs and drawers from furniture. Also, place large items such as couches on end to maximize space. If you have a mattress to pack as well, load it like the last layer of stability. Or just hire furniture movers Minneapolis to do that for you.

Fragile and important items

The fact is that not everything you own should go in your storage pod. You should certainly keep your valuables with you. You should keep your heirlooms, legal documents, important papers, and any essentials with you while moving. Storage container pods are generally a safe way to move your things, but these are the items you should always have with yourself during the relocation.  And regarding the large fragile items such as pieces of art, antique furniture or chandeliers, they can go in the pods as well. But only if you pack and protect them first with special care. It is better not to risk the damage of such items.

You should probably wrap glass, televisions, and other fragile items in furniture pads or bubble wrap. Furniture padding is also great for protecting wood surfaces and corners. Blankets are ideal for covering appliances and furniture. Also, wrap couches, mattresses, and other soft furniture with stretch wrap. Cover items on the top of the unit with a layer of cardboard to protect it from light exposure, particularly if the unit will be stored outside for a long time. Purchasing all these packing supplies is one of the downsides of packing by yourself. If you hire professionals, they can both provide all the materials and pack your belongings.

Protect fragile items properly, before placing them in a pod.

Take it easy

The great news is that you are free to load things onto the storage POD at your leisure. And as we mentioned earlier, you don’t have to worry about time constraints or deadlines. Therefore, you can usually take up to one month with no additional fees, depending on a company. And whenever you’re done the packing, just call them to have your container scheduled for pick-up on the next available day. Companies like storage units Eagan MN will deliver it anywhere you’d like.

In Summary

The amazing thing about pods is that they are great for short-term or long-term storage needs. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re moving or not! There are many advantages of using storage bins and pods. The storage container pods themselves provide the convenience, safety, and affordability for individuals and businesses. If you like, storage company can even store your POD at their dry and storage warehouse facility. There are many possibilities, just choose one!