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Best cities to buy a house in Minnesota

It’s getting a bit crowded in your home and you’re looking for more space? When it comes to buying a house we’ve given a number of tips already on our blog. This time, we want to tell you where to settle down if you’re looking to relocate to Minnesota. So, we will cover the best cities to buy a house in Minnesota. We’re going to talk a bit about the pros of living there and what kind of local activities you can look forward to. So, from long distance movers in Twin Cities straight to you, here is our experience…

What you should know before moving house to a new city

If you’re going to relocate to a new city there are always a few things to look for and prepare to do. First, you should know what you’re looking for in a city. Is schooling for your children the deciding factor? Or are you looking for more job opportunities? Then again, you may be looking for diverse and fun cities to buy a house in Minnesota. So, for all of our customers, we will include this into our list of top places to purchase a home in MN.

But, to begin with, as experienced local movers Twin Cities we want to give you a few tips on starting your moving process:

  • Plan out the budget for your whole relocation process
  • Decide on one of the best cities to buy a house in Minnesota
  • Consider if buying or renting is the right option for you
  • Think about hiring a broker when choosing a home
  • Contact a relocation company regarding their moving services in Minnesota
  • Start downsizing and planning your relocation completely

    If you're thinking of buying a home in MN here are some of the best cities to buy a house in Minnesota at an affordable price.
    Homes are affordable here – close the deal as soon as you have a good one on the table!

The first place which is great for purchasing a house is Page, Minneapolis

While we may have said that our list would contain cities, this is an area of Minneapolis which simply had to make the list. It has topped a number of surveys and studies which determined the most comfortable neighborhoods for living in Minneapolis and St. Paul. And, there are plenty of reasons why. To begin with, Page is a safe area. It has a diverse population and plenty of good spots for a night out. But, this isn’t all. When it comes to median prices for both rent and ownership, they are quite affordable compared to other neighborhoods and cities around. The schools in the area are exemplary, with great track records for all ages.

If you’re looking for one of the best cities to buy a house in Minnesota, Minneapolis is a great option. There is plenty of job opportunities in the city, in different fields. And, for all those who need an active weekend after a difficult few days of work, the chain on lakes inside the city border is a perfect spot. Hence, Page combines everything a person could need with great affordability and safety.

One of the best cities to buy a house in Minnesota is...
If you’re thinking of buying a house, this is the perfect place to consider.

Elko New Market is next on our list of best cities to buy a house in Minnesota

When it comes to choosing a good small town for the perfect early years of your children this is the spot. Elko New Market formed by the joining of those two small settlements. But, it still holds the charm of the traditional Minnesota lifestyle. With just a little over four thousand locals, it is difficult to feel alone here, even when you’re a fresh transplant. Though, small town life isn’t the main reason why this is one of the best cities to buy a house in Minnesota. This is a place which is well-known for the safety and low crime rate. It’s mostly populated by families and has adapted to suburban, child-friendly life over the years. When it comes to schooling, it naturally doesn’t lag behind.

As for the affordability of Elko New Market, we can assure you that the suburban housing is both low-cost and high-quality. In fact, most residents here don’t rent their homes but own them themselves.  The large homes which this area offers make it one of the top cities to buy a house in Minnesota. The only part of the lifestyle here which may be a bit lacking are diversity and nightlife. However, while there may not be a number of clubs, there are plenty of nice cafes for a day out with friends.

If you need to buy a home, here are the top cities to buy a house in Minnesota.
Thinking of starting a family? The best cities to buy a house in Minnesota in this case are…

Another town to make our list of top cities to buy a house in Minnesota is Eden Prairie

Are you looking to be close to the center of the action? While still having your own peaceful afternoon? Eden Prairie is a great choice. This is the perfect example of a suburban area for families. As movers in Eden Prairie, we can tell you that it’s favored by parents with young and teenage kids. The prices of both renting and owning a house are affordable here. The homes here are both large and have a nice suburban feel to them. The top perks of Eden Prairie are the great public schools and how welcoming the neighborhood is for families. But, these aren’t the only reasons why this is one of the best cities to buy a house in Minnesota.

Eden Prairie is a mere twenty minutes away from Twin Cities by car. Hence, it has great access to a major city with everything you could ever need. But, the buzz of the nearby city and the good job market aren’t the only things the town has to offer. Eden Prairie is one of the top cities to buy a house in Minnesota because of its nature. Do you like a walk in the park or a bike ride with your friends or family as an afternoon activity? This is the perfect place. Eden Prairie is one of the best suburbs of the Twin Cities for a relaxing picnic in nature. The only downside of the city is the lack of nightlife there. However, as we’ve already mentioned, the Twin Cities are close. Hence, having a good night out with your friends shouldn’t be an issue. Altogether, Eden Prairie is the perfect mix of a family suburb and a nature paradise, close to the buzz of Minneapolis.