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Wrapping and Packing Breakables for Moving

There can be many stressors when moving. Crossing your fingers and hoping your breakables arrive intact doesn’t have to be one of them. Here are several tips for wrapping and packing breakables for moving. They will greatly reduce the chances of damage while giving you peace of mind.


Lots of paper, stacking correctly, and using proper boxes are the keys to success here. Separate cups and bowls with paper and stack them together in groups of four or five. Wrap the stacks firmly in more paper. Use the same method for plates. Pack plates upright, on their sides, instead of flat. When packing in boxes, put plenty of wads of crunched up paper below and above your dishes, as well as in between each stack. For these, and especially more delicate items such as wine glasses, consider using specialty dish boxes that have dividers.


For pictures and artwork framed in glass, tape and air bubble cushioning material will do the trick. Use painter’s tape to lay an X on the glass. You may also consider tape made specifically for this purpose, which protects glass and is easy to peel off. It will also prevent a glass-shard mess if something does happen to break. Wrap each frame in air bubble cushioning material and pack them like dishes, upright instead of flat.

Odd Shapes and Knickknacks

Air bubble cushioning material, lots of tape, and thin, pliable cardboard are all your friends here. Wrap pieces snugly in air bubble cushioning material, using plenty of tape to secure. Then, make a sturdy cardboard encasement by around the pieces, again using plenty of tape.

Additional Tips:

  • Take your time when wrapping breakables. Don’t rush through it.
  • Avoid using packing peanuts, which tend to settle and leave items less protected.
  • Use boxes that fit your items and fill any empty space with crumpled paper. Eliminating empty space reduces the chance of movement and bumping of fragile items.
  • Pack like items together.

Properly wrapping and packing fragile items is imperative when moving. So, grab a roll of air bubble cushioning material, tape, scissors, and lots of packing paper. Then, set at your task with patience and use the above information for best results. For more packing tips, or for help with your upcoming move, please contact us.