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Who should you notify that you are moving?

Planning a moving process is never easy. Whether you are relocating to a nearby borough or moving long distance in MN you will have to plan and prepare in advance. With so many tasks and the moving day being closer, people often tend to overlook some important pre-move tasks. Being informed on who should you notify that you are moving is important. Therefore, you can avoid some of the most common moving mistakes and make sure you leave no important tasks undone after the move.

Being informed on who should you notify that you are moving is important
Avoid any post-move troubles, inform people about your move

Who should you notify that you are moving?- The priorities

When changing your address there might be more than a few people you need to notify in advance. Forgetting to inform your friends and family about the might lead to some inconveniences and awkward phone calls. However, overlooking the importance of notifying the utility providers or your bank may cause legal issues. Therefore, before you start planning the farewell party makes the list of priorities of whom you need to notify well in advance.

Moving can seem stressful enough even without this many important pre-move tasks. However, hiring reliable Minneapolis movers will allow you to avoid any moving mistakes. With a professional mover on your side, you can relax and be sure your move will go quickly and safely. Therefore, while you let them do the heavy lifting and planning you can focus on who should you notify that you are moving.

Here is the list of the most important notice recipients you need to follow:

  • Your current landlord.
  • Tax agencies.
  • Other government agencies.
  • The post office.
  • Utility providers.
  • Insurance companies.
  • Banks, credit card companies and other loan providers.
  • Your employer.
  • The school your children go to.
  • Your doctor.
  • Voter registration.
  • Magazine subscriptions.
  • Online shopping websites.
  • Friends and family. – Might be the obvious answer to Who should you notify that you are moving?. However, people tend to leave in rush. Give your friends and family a chance to say goodbye. They will also, most likely be willing to help you plan and conduct the move. Therefore, don’t forget to throw a moving party!
  • Find a reliable mover and call them for additional advice and tips.

Avoid any penalties – notify your landlord

Depending on the terms of your lease you will be obliged to inform your landlord about the move in advance. The usual rule is that you need to give them 30 days notice. However, check your lease and call the landlord in advance. Therefore you will avoid any penalties and deductions on your deposit.

Tax agencies

It is necessary to notify both state and federal tax agencies about the change of your address. Therefore, you will ensure you get all of the important documents sent to your new home. As most agencies have online forms to fill in, informing them will only take a few minutes. Visit the website of IRS for downloading the address change form.

man using computer
Use the online forms to notify tax agencies about your move

Other government agencies

Do regularly interact with or benefit from any government programs or agencies? Whether it is Social security administration or Medicaid, make sure you notify them about the move in advance.

Don’t forget to inform the post office

Avoid losing any important mail by notifying The U.S. Postal Service about your move. All you have to do is to fill out an online form and your mail will be forwarded starting from the date you choose. If you use any other delivery service providers, make sure you go online and change your address directly at the online account.

Utility providers and insurance companies

Gas, electricity, internet, phone, cell phone, water, sewage, garbage, cable… If you get a bill addressed to your name each month for a utility, you will need to inform the providers. The same goes for the insurance companies. Don’t forget to contact your home or renter’s insurance provider. They might be able to ensure your move goes safely and with an affordable insurance option.

Make sure your bank knows you are moving

In order to be able to easily access your bank accounts in your future hometown, make sure you notify your bank about the move. Also, don’t forget that you need to update the billing address for your credit cards.

Inform your employer

Even though you might be moving just a few blocks away, you need to inform your employer of your new address. Therefore, you will ensure your tax forms, checks, and other important documents go to the right address. If you plan on leaving your current employers and moving to a new city, make sure you notify them at least a few weeks in advance.

business people shaking hands
Inform your employer in advance

Move safely

The best way to ensure your move goes safely and according to your needs is to hire a reputable St. Paul movers. Professional moving companies will be able to provide you with a tailored and personalized moving plan. Therefore, your move will go according to your requirements and timeline.

Having an experienced and reliable mover to plan and conduct your move will allow you to focus on more important tasks and plans. Therefore, consider using additional moving services like packing and affordable MN storage solutions. This way you will be able to relax and focus on planning your new life and informing important agencies and people about your move.

It might be that we have forgotten to list an important agency, person or a provider you need to inform. In order to avoid any mistakes make sure you personalize our list of Who should you notify that you are moving?. Double check the moving plan and ask your mover for the final follow up. Is there anything else? Of course, there is! The task of planning a moving party is ahead of you! Relax, and happy moving day!