Week at a Glance

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Good Morning Minnesota,

Tough tough day for the Vikings yesterday. Oh well, life goes on. It was kind of nice seeing the Seahawks botch that Field Goal for the win last night. But it still brought up some painful memories of last season. We can’t really be too upset because our boys are still 5-1.

Good news everyone… our new vault trailer has arrived. We had to pay a guy $1,300 to drive it up here from Chicago. This trailer is worth every penny we spent on it. It is sweet. It literally looks brand new. All new doors, fresh paint job and refurbished floors. It smells like a high school gym in there. Talk about pristine condition. My boss is so fired up about the new acquisition. He can not wait until next week because that will be our first job using the new trailer.

As you know, City Moving & Storage is expanding rapidly. We are looking for a commercial warehouse building that has 24 foot ceilings. This makes it possible for us to store 3 vaults on top of each other. 24 feet of clearance has not been an easy thing to find. We are looking at commercial properties around Anoka- Ramsey. Since it has been so hard to find a warehouse to rent that fits our needs, we are looking into building one. This would be really exciting. We met with the city yesterday and they told us about some properties they had for sale.

I will keep you posted as we move forward!