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Wednesday Check In

Good Afternoon Minneapolis,

I am sorry for not checking in recently. It has been a crazy week at City Moving & Storage. The end and the beginning of the months are always hectic for us. We always have to turn down jobs because we are full 🙁 . So please please make sure you plan ahead! We wish we could accommodate everyone but we only have 3 trucks. But good news is on the way Minneapolis! We are expanding!

In May 2016, we bought a 5,000 sq. feet warehouse. At first, we were nervous that we were not going to be able to fill it completely. That worry, however, went away quickly because customers loved our low rates for climate controlled, dry and clean storage. Now we are completely full! Wait, does that mean we can no longer store your items? Of course not! Last week have bought another 5,000 sq. feet warehouse! Yes we just doubled our warehouse size last week. We are so excited for the future has in stor(age)e for us. (I am sorry for the terrible pun).

The main culprit behind filling our warehouse was all of the furniture from the AC Bloomington Hotel. I went down there last week and let me tell you, this is going to be one nice hotel. We have staged a few rooms down there and the rooms are not disappointing. Today the parts for 150 closets came in. In case you were wondering (I am sure you were) there are 128 screws for each closet. I do not even want to do the math (150 * 128 =  19,200). I can’t believe that we are about to screw in 19,200 screws. Don’t tell my boss but I might call in sick that day! Bob said that he and his wife are going to put them together. I hope they have some patience because that is going to be one long day! Its all in good fun because we really do appreciate the business.

Thank you for stopping by Minnesota,