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Top universities in Minnesota

For all students and would-be students it’s important to know what your options are. So, to help you prepare thoroughly for moving to Minnesota, we want to give you the best schools in the area. This is a short article which will give you the top universities in Minnesota. As reliable movers in Minneapolis we know about the reputation of each of these places, as well as the experiences of different friends and clients attending. So, here is our list with a few pros and cons to help you decide which college to visit.

Before picking one of these top universities in Minnesota, make a list of pros and cons for each.
Make a list of pros and cons for each college before deciding.

The most sought-after university in MN is Carleton College

This is a private liberal arts college located in Norfolk, MN. It is about forty miles south of the Twin Cities. As local movers St. Paul, we can tell you that a number of students move to Norfolk each year to enroll here. And, this is, of course, without even counting in all the students from outside the state. But, we want to give you a few specifics about this school, which makes our list of top universities in Minnesota.

First, this is the third best liberal arts college in the USA. It is among those which don’t require an application fee, too. However, it’s not the easiest to get into, as its acceptance rate is only twenty three percent. It requires a high GPA and good SAT or ACT scores to enter too. When looking at the quality of classes, this is a school which gets an easy A+. The professors are invested in teaching their classes. They aim for students to learn and pass, preparing them for their jobs in the future. If you’re wondering if you are going to get the classes you want, about eighty percent of students are satisfied with their choices. However, the workload is tough to manage, so we do advise a little less partying and a little more cramming. The most popular majors here include biology, computer science and economics. Pay the campus a visit and form your own opinion about this pick for our list of top universities in Minnesota.

Another one of top universities in Minnesota is Macalester College

Beautiful campus? Check. Great choice of majors? Check. Caring and knowledgeable professors? Check. Innovative teaching methods? One more check. All of this makes this private liberal arts college one of the top universities in Minnesota. This is a school located in the heart of Twin Cities. In our experience as long-distance movers Minneapolis, a lot of eager students move to St. Paul in order to study here. Why? Here are a few more specifics as to why Macalester College makes our list of top universities in Minnesota.

The top reasons why this is a good school are the academics, diversity and quality of staff. The sports and party scene make it the second choice on our list of top universities in Minnesota. These are the sections where the college is a bit lacking. However, it’s still a hard school to get into. As one of the best Christian schools in MN, it has an acceptance rate of thirty seven percent. High GPA and SAT marks are required, as well. With great professors and students getting into their desired classes, the workload won’t seem as daunting as it actually is. The most popular major here are mathematics and statistics, biology and political science and government. As always, we suggest a tour around campus to get a feel for the school.

Our third pick of great universities in Minnesota is The University of Minnesota

Here are the specifics of why this is one of the top universities in Minnesota.
There are a number of reasons why this college made our list.

This is a college located within the Twin Cities. As one of the top universities in Minnesota it gets plenty of freshmen every year. A lot of the students are local, though some do come from out of state. If you’re wondering why, we’re going to give you some specifics about the university itself. Here’s why this college made our list of top universities in Minnesota.

Overall, it gets an A+ grade. The university has great diversity, academics, along with the sports and party scene. Though, in the recent years, it has been rather difficult to get into, with the acceptance rate of forty-four percent. Prepare yourself for the SATs and ACTs, as a high score will be necessary. Though, this choice of top universities in MN is worth the effort. The students are satisfied with their professors and the teaching methods. They tell us that the staff is polite and the teachers invest in their students. Also, most students get into the classes which they want, hence the workload isn’t too bad on them. The most popular majors here are psychology, economics and computer science. If you’re wondering more about the university, give it a visit in person and make a decision.

A parting word on top universities in Minnesota

See the colleges in person before you apply to them.
Before making a decision regarding which top universities in Minnesota to apply for, pay them a visit in person.

Now that we’ve given you our top picks for colleges in Minnesota, it’s time to choose. As we’ve mentioned, all of these schools give plenty of reasons for making our list of top universities in Minnesota. They all offer a great choice of various majors and have amazing professors. Though, we always advise getting an on-site tour of the campus. In our experience, all guides are well-informed and give great introduction to the college. Then, you can have all the information you need before you decide on a major and apply for the university.

Finally, we want to give you a bit of advice regarding moving to the campus. When it comes to moving house, you will want an affordable service as a student. Hence, make sure that you’re choosing reliable and cheap movers in Twin Cities. There are plenty of companies that will give you a good price, seeing as you’re a student. And, if you use a professional service, you won’t have to worry about losing your belongings, damaging them or forgetting them at home. So, for all students moving onto the campus or into their first apartment, we suggest an affordable package to help them relocate.