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Popular and easy DIY remodeling ideas

When you first got your place, you put a lot of love and thought into making it a true home. However, as time went by, the house somehow lost that shine. The walls look dull, the kitchen is rather uninspiring and the bathroom is hard to look at. Don’t despair or ponder relocating your home to Minnesota just yet. Making your house warm and welcoming again doesn’t have to be too expensive or time-consuming. So, grab your brush and some ladders because have some popular and easy DIY remodeling ideas that will have your home looking like a true palace.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Well, it’s not exactly the mirror that concerns us, rather the wall behind it, more specifically its color. You’d be surprised at the difference a bit of painting can bring. We suggest that you be bold and creative. Living room, for example, ought to have that cozy feeling to it, so try out some warm hues. A good idea would be to paint one wall in a vibrant and interesting color, while others will be of lighter saturation. You can mix colors that compliment each other and have some new pillows, rugs, and vases to go with the whole new look.

If the painting doesn’t seem like an option

There is a reason why wallpapers are one of the most popular and easy DIY remodeling ideas. They are a quick and cheap way of freshening up any room. With an abundance of choices on the Internet, you are bound to find some pattern that suits your style. And if you want to save up, even more, use the trick mentioned above. Wallpapers are a great mean of accentuating a part of a room. Putting them up on a singular wall will create a focal point that will make the room seem more interesting and modern.

Walls fit for royalty

If you haven’t thought about crown molding, we strongly suggest giving them a go. It’s not that hard to put up and will bring charm and value to your home in an instant. Be creative and put them around your mirrors, ceilings and light fixtures for a captivating look.

Cook and bake in style

There are numerous easy DIY remodeling ideas for a kitchen, but we will provide some of our favorites. Your whole kitchen will change when you give your cabinets a new look. Having that they are structurally sound, simply clean them up and brush on some new paint. You don’t need much, a strong cleaner, sandpaper, a paintbrush, and a little elbow grease. It will cost far less than new cabinets and will have the same effect. Don’t be timid when choosing the color. Kitchen ought to be warm, bright and inviting.

Small change, a bigger difference

Perhaps you are content with your cabinets and yearn a smaller change. We suggest that you try out some new knobs and pulls on doors and drawers. Change the curtains and the seating of the chairs. You can color your counters, or freshen up your kitchen table with a new coat of paint.

Clean look for your bathroom

Painting the walls would be the cheapest way to go here. However, there are two things to have in mind. Firstly, even though the bathroom is the smallest room in the house, it will almost certainly take the most time to paint. You will need to paint gently and slowly around the window, the tub or shower, the toilet, the mirror, the sink and so on. Secondly, even if it is inexpensive compared to tiles, that doesn’t mean you should take the cheapest paint. Think about the moist. Mold and mildew develop easily in the bathroom, so we suggest investing in some quality paint.

Tile is your style

Maybe you do have some money to spare and wouldn’t mind some tiles in your bathroom. There is still a way to get that look without bankrupting. Limit the tiles to the areas that are highly impacted, like the floor. If your heart is set on a particular artistic and expensive tile, think about getting just a few of them, and surrounding them with some cheaper ones. It will enhance the beauty of the former, while you save money on the latter.

Small and easy DIY remodeling ideas

  • Get a new doormat. It will give your hallway a new look while protecting the wooden floors.
  • Cap your lamps with colored shades. It will change the quality of the light with a hue different than white.
  • Change your switchplates. Instead of them being plastic and white, think about a metal or colored look.
  • Hang drapes at ceiling height. It will make your small windows look bigger and give the room an elegant look.
  • Install new house number and get a new doorbell. It’s a small change, but it has a charm to it.

Whether you are having a big remodeling or small changes, see that you have the proper tools, enough time and a clear way. If you want to paint your walls, see that your furniture is out of the way. Moving and storage companies in Minnesota can help by keeping your belongings in a safe and secure area while you can focus on making your house lovely again. Ask for help from your friends and neighbors if you are struggling with some particular issue. Many people have gone through the same and can give valuable advice as well as easy DIY remodeling ideas. Have fun with this project and enjoy your house’s brand new look.