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Cheap Movers - Pay Attention to Reliability

Moving is a dreadful task. I mean, there are people who enjoy moving, and God bless their soul. I am not one of those people. People who have fun moving do not need any advice and tips for this process. It is those of us who dread the process that needs ‘help’. Help in term of advice. The only thing more dreadful than a move itself is when you have to move on a budget. Moving poses a lot of challenges, but moving on a tight budget is in a league of its own. This is why one of the most relevant elements of such a move is finding cheap movers.

Cheap movers will not always mean reliable movers. However, reliability is what you need to be looking for!
… is key!

Finding cheap movers is more difficult than finding regular priced ones. Why? Because usually cheap movers are a trap. Cheap is not always good. You always need to try to keep the bigger picture in mind, because even though you sometimes pay less at the get-go – you pay more when you witness a loss. However, there are still tips and tricks you can use to find cheap movers that are as reliable as the ‘regular’ ones.

Cheap Movers – Tips and Tricks

When trying to find affordable movers, when moving on a tight budget, there are certain steps you can take. The most valuable element in attempting to do this is time. Moving for free doesn’t exist. The only scenario where it can exist is when you own a moving company and all you need to pay for is gas for the truck. Or if you are an experienced mover that owns a truck and proper equipment. In any other case, free movers do not exist. And remember, you always get what you pay for.

Cheap movers are not a myth, they are just a biproduct of good planning and time management.
Today we’re in the money-saving business!

On the other hand, moving on a tight budget is something rather feasible. The key is that you have to plan each and every step of the relocation project, and you do not have the luxury of overseeing any of them. Each mistake can be quite costly. And increased cost compromises moving on a tight budget.

In order to find cheap movers that offer decent quality services, you need to get reliable recommendations. Also, you need to start looking for them ahead of time. Furthermore, you need to utilize the vast amount of information the internet offers. Lastly, you need to ask for at least a couple of in-home estimates, compare them and pick the cheapest one.

Look for Movers Early!

We cannot emphasize this enough. If you start looking ahead of time your shopping power increases exponentially. The sooner you start hunting for such cheap movers the higher your chances will be. One of the ways to find cheap movers is to schedule them months ahead of time. This way you might get Twin Cities movers for less coin, only if you book them a couple of months ahead of time.

A second way is to book a moving company out of season. Certain parts of the year are not lucrative for moves, and moving companies can end up being out of work for weeks on end.

The benefits of starting to search for your movers are:

  • You will have a larger amount of companies to choose from. Usually, the cheapest moving services are those who are booked first. So first come – first served. You might get quite a decent moving company for less coin, only if you’re the first one to make a reservation. Plus, the number of companies to choose from will be amazing.
  • You are almost certain to get a discount. Moving companies usually wish to ensure that they will have enough work throughout the year, which is why they offer discounts to those who book them a couple of months ahead of time.
  • You will have plenty of flexibility. If you start ahead of time you will not be under pressure. You can take your sweet time when selecting your moving company. Also, you will be able to choose a date outside of the peak season, meaning that you will avoid all the hassle of everyone else around you moving as well.
Grab your phone and start calling those potential movers of yours months in advance.
Look for them early = save money!


The second best thing you can hope for is getting a recommendation. Surely one of your friends, acquaintances or family had moved within the past year, and they will be perfect advocates for whom you should consider hiring.

Either they had a very positive experience or a very poor one – both of which will be helpful. If they had an extremely positive experience with a moving company – they will become a moving company you can consider to hire. On the other hand, if they had an unpleasant experience at least you will know who definitely not to hire.

Word of mouth is definitely the best advertisement. If you notice that the same movers are getting praises on several sides – they are bound to be good. This is where internet also comes into play. Being ignorant has now become a choice. And if you wish to find cheap movers, ignorance is simply not an option. Each moving company, good or bad, leaves a footprint online. People are always eager to speak about a positive experience they have had. More importantly, people are even more eager to talk about a bad experience they had. This is going to be an endless source of information and the most efficient way for you to know who will be a reliable mover, and who won’t.

All in all, finding cheap and reliable movers are not impossible, it just brings challenges of its own. If you stick to these tips we had to share it shouldn’t be that difficult. For everything else moving and storage Minneapolis is at your service! Best of luck to you!