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Moving tips for seniors

Whether you thinking about downsizing or considering a new home similar to the size of your old one, moving ought to be regarded as a project, rather than an event. Leaving a home you’ve spent a considerable amount of your life is by no means easy. It’s not just the location, it’s the memories. All the work topped with emotional stress can be quite overwhelming. However, there is a way to make it easier. You need to have a clever and optimistic approach. In order to assist a bit more, we will proceed with some moving tips for seniors.

Picking the proper place

1. Size fit for your needs

One of the first and most important moving tips for seniors – pick the right size of the place. Chances are that your old home was fit for a larger number of people. Now that your kids have moved out and are living on their own, you no longer need a house of that size. If you feel like there are rooms that you rarely go into, if you simply have too much of unneeded space, it is time to downsize. Find a place that you’ll feel comfortable in. Nothing too big nor too small. You don’t want to have too many chores around the house, but you neither want your kids to stay at a hotel when they come for a visit.

An apartment with clear pathways
Moving tips for seniors: find a place where you can easily move around

2. Money that goes into it

Your retirement savings can only stretch so far. If the current maintenance of your home is too much, consider finding a smaller place. It might seem like not much of a difference, but it will add up at the end of the month. With the lesser place to keep clean and warm, your bills will get appreciably smaller.

3. Different layout

With age comes the difficulty of going up and down the stairs. Changing your two-floor home for a nice flat is a good idea in order to save your knees. See that your new place can be arranged so that it doesn’t harden your movement through it. Passages need to be clear and the furniture shouldn’t get in the way.

Organizing your belongings

Your new smaller place means less space for your belongings. You ought to take some time and go through your items in order to see what is necessary, and what is redundant. Boxes that haven’t been open for over a year are filled with items you obviously can go without, presuming that they have no sentimental value. Clothing pieces that no longer suit your style can be donated to local charities or gifted to your offspring. Things that you think you might need ”some day” are also good to go. Furniture that won’t fit into your new place falls under this category as well.

A huge sofa
If it’s too big for your new home, it has to go

Packing for the relocation

This is the biggest part of the move, so give yourself time. One of the best moving tips for seniors is to start early. Plan carefully the order by which you pack your belongings. It is smart to start with the things you seldom use, while the items you use on a daily basis will go last. Have in mind that you are not as strong as you once were and that you are prone to injury. Even if someone else is doing the moving, you will be the one who does the unpacking, so keep the weight of the boxes in mind. Mix heavy items with lighter ones. Wrap fragile items to ensure that they don’t break.

If you find yourself struggling with all of this or simply don’t have the time, it would be a smart decision to ask for help, whether it be from professionals or family. Minneapolis movers offer packing services and will spare you the time and stress of it all. Pack what you can on your own and restrain from lifting heavy boxes.

Hiring moving company vs doing it yourself

Things to take into consideration when making this decision include:

  • Can your health take all the demands of the relocation?
  • How much can you count on your family for help?
  • How close is the moving day? Will you have the time to do it all on your own with regards to the date?

If after this you conclude that you might be able to do it without the company, it’s time for the pros and cons. By moving on your own, you will definitely save money. You can choose to do it one step at a time and pay closer attention to important and fragile items. Moving company, on the other hand, will lessen the stress of moving. Movers in St. Paul, for example, have one of the best methods of packing in the most efficient way. Professional movers are more experienced know how to pack and transfer items of every size. It’s also worth noting that long distance move is cheaper when done with a help of a moving company.

Handling the day of the move

Moving day can get a bit hectic, with or without the moving company. Try to make a plan a few days ahead, just to make sure you are not forgetting anything. Leave as much as you can to the helpers that are there. Take care of yourself and avoid lifting heavy boxes, even if someone asks for your help. The last thing you need is a back strain or any other injury. The best way to help is to keep a clear path in and out of your home. Move your pets so they don’t get in the way. Clever moving tips for seniors is to stay hydrated and eat proper meals. It’s easy to lose track of your nutritional needs during this period. A good idea would be to prepare snacks and drinks for every helping hand.

Five people taking a slice of pizza each.
Even if all you do is order pizza, they’re all going to love you.

Dealing with the emotional side of it

Some might see this period as an exciting experience, but it is not the case for everyone. Start with expecting and embracing the emotions that await. It’s normal to feel sad and you shouldn’t run away from it. It’s all part of this big change. Try to see the positive side of it. You’re going to meet some new people and make some new friends. Get to your old routines as quickly as possible. With all these moving tips for seniors, you are bound to have a proper relocation. Beginning this chapter on the right foot will get you to a good start, so try to make the most of it.