Monday Morning

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Start brewing the coffee, warm up the donuts and grab your jackets.. it is another Monday morning in Minnesota. I did not get my coffee this morning so I am not ready to tackle the day. I did eat an apple with a glass of water. Whoever said that is the same is a cup of coffee is clearly lying. That is definitely like telling your kids that broccoli is better than french fries. I will take my coffee over a water and apple any day.  It makes me wonder how I did anything before drinking coffee. Anytime I need to study for a big test or complete a big project, I have to drink a cup of coffee. It is funny because I didn’t really need caffeine when I was moving all summer. Using my brain requires more caffeine then using my muscles. I guess when you are moving you do not to have constantly use your brain. On those long fifteen hour days, you have to zone out.

I have a lot of respect for the workers that do this job to feed their families. I work 3 months in the summer as a mover and I reach my limit. Granted we are working 60 hour weeks. It is hard to beat up your body that bad while you see all of your friends enjoying the summer of their lives. I guess I should have known that this after choosing to attend a private school. We have a couple guys on our staff who work here to support their families. I have all the respect in the world for them. They break their backs everyday just so that they can put food on the table for their kids. Next time you hire movers, think about the people working for you. Do not see them as the help or that you are only paying for their services. Understand that your movers have families and children to support. They move furniture 365 days a year. A little kindness from a customer goes a long way.