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Monday Morning Check In

Last Friday, I made some predictions for football this Sunday. Out of the 13 games that were played on Sunday, I made 11 correct predictions. The two games that I missed was the Redskins vs Ravens and the Bengals vs Cowboys. My boldest call was Falcons over the Broncos. Matt Ryan and company look they are ready to make a statement this year. Next Sunday Julio Jones and Matt Ryan will roll into Seattle. This is going to be a fun one to watch. Richard Sherman vs Julio Jones. Something has to give.

We scheduled another move today because their other movers did not show up (no text, no call, no email). Since I have started working as intern with City Moving & Storage, there have been several instances where other moving companies have not shown up. This is good because it means more revenue for us but I can not believe that it is so common. When you are booking a moving company, make sure you go with a reliable company. Moving is already stressful enough. You should not have to worry about your movers showing up on time. A lot of the moving companies in the Twin Cities will book small jobs in advance. After booking a small job,  a new customer will call with a larger job. Since these smaller moving companies only have one truck, they will complete the larger job to make more money.

This is obviously completely unprofessional and something that will never happen at City Moving & Storage. It is crazy how much competition there is in the moving industry. If you search for Twin Cities moving companies, a plethora of moving companies pop up across your screen. We pride ourselves on being honest, dependable and trustworthy. We grantee that we will always show up when you ask us too. We have four trucks in our fleet and reliable team members. Hopefully, these unprofessional smaller moving companies start to fizzle out. These types of companies are what gives movers everywhere a bad name.