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How to find reliable pool table movers

Moving house with a pool table? We assure you that you’re not in for nearly as much trouble as you think you are. A reputable moving company can solve almost all of your problems when it comes to moving difficult objects, like billiards tables. So, as one of the most experienced pool table movers in the state, City Moving and Storage MN is here to give you a crash course on billiards table relocation. The first step of every homeowner moving to Minnesota with a pool table is looking for a reliable company. So, here is how to find reliable pool table movers and some more tips, just in case…

For starters, let’s see if you actually need to find reliable pool table movers in MN at all

How do I cut the costs some more? This is the most asked question when moving house preparations start. Unfortunately, we’re going to be completely honest with you. Cutting the costs of hiring pool table movers is a bad idea. A billiards table isn’t only a valuable and fragile object, but it’s heavy and difficult to dismantle one. Hence, when it comes to relocating it, there is much more trouble than with usual furniture. As local Twin Cities movers, we can tell you that you aren’t the first homeowner who needs to find reliable pool table movers. Hence, here is the bright side.

If you decide that DIY isn’t for you, MN pool table movers are going to give you a great deal. Most of the companies in Twin Cities offer very affordable quotes, especially if you’re doing your whole move with them. And, if you don’t want them to do all the packing and unpacking for you, ask about a partial service. If you want to find reliable pool table movers in Minnesota they should definitely be open to compromise. And, here this would mean partial packing. In this case, the workers would prepare your pool table for the relocation on moving day and then reassemble it at your new home.

So, when it comes to finding a good billiards table moving company where should you start?

A billiards saloon - the perfect place to find reliable pool table movers for you!
A local billiards shop can give you good recommendations for pool table movers in MN.

If you want to find reliable pool table movers the process is quite similar to searching for a good relocation company. Hence, the first step is recommendations. Ask your family and friends if they have ever relocated with difficult objects. A large wardrobe, piano or a pool table will all enter this section. Hence, they should be able to give you a few names and numbers. Jot them all down in your moving binder or an app you’re using to organize your relocation. Remember, even regular long-distance movers in MN often have pool table relocation services. So, a good recommendation from your family and friends should definitely put them on your list.

Though, don’t stop at word of mouth recommendations. It’s ideal to have about three to five moving companies as possible choices. Go online in order to find reliable pool table movers next. Look at different websites, Facebook pages, and Instagram pages. Decide which companies you like and which you don’t and write down a few more names and numbers.

If you still don’t have five movers in mind, there is one more place where you can get a reliable recommendation. Go to the local billiards shop or bar which has a pool table. The staff should be able to give you a name and number of their own moving company. As they have definitely needed Minnesota relocation services in the past, they usually stick with one. Hence, it’s an easy way to find reliable pool table movers in Minnesota.

Next, you will wonder how to narrow down the choice when you find reliable pool table movers?

So, by now you should have five or more names of moving companies which could relocate your pool table for you. Then, you have a few essentials which every reliable mover in Minnesota will have in order to prove their credibility.

A checklist for all the things you need to vet your movers for.
Remember to vet your movers thoroughly before hiring them.

Here are our suggestions what to do in order to vet the companies once you find reliable pool table movers:

  • Start by looking for the movers’ license and insurance online. If you look up their USDOT number you can check if they have one. When you want to find reliable billiards table movers this is a definite requirement.
  • Reviews online are another way to vet the movers from your home. Remember to take them with a grain of salt, though. A recurring theme of bad reviews is one thing, but one unsatisfied customer is a whole different one.
  • Testimonials via phone can also give you a clear picture. When you find reliable pool table movers they will always offer up a few names and number from their previous customers. These people can give you honest evaluations of the services provided by the company.
  • An on-site estimate is a necessity when moving house. Like we’ve mentioned, it will be cheaper to hire pool table movers to do the whole relocation for you. Any company which doesn’t offer a free in-house quote isn’t too reliable. These are the most accurate estimates, after all.
  • Services offered by the pool table movers. If they are only a billiards table relocation company you might get a better deal with movers who can also help you move house.

Finally, it’s time to choose one reliable pool table moving company in MN…

Two guys playing pool after using reliable pool table movers.
Want your table all set up and ready for use – packing and unpacking services can give you this!

When you’ve done your due diligence, it’s time to pick one company. So, how do you decide? Take into account everything you want your movers to be able to do for you and call them for an on-site estimate. When you have the prices on paper, along with all the other information about the company, it should be an easy choice. Consider how reliable the movers are and how affordable they are. Then, in order to find reliable pool table movers in MN, you will need to trust your gut, as well. Make the decision after considering all the possibilities and all the parameters important to you.