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How to find decent piano movers in Minnesota

Own a piano? Then, you’re in a bit of a bind when it comes to moving house. Though, as one of the most experienced movers in Twin Cities, City Moving & Storage MN has a way to help you have a smooth relocation. You will need to think about finding good piano movers in Minnesota and considering their fees. But, you should also consider doing the relocation DIY. One of the definite long distance moving pros in Minneapolis, MN is that relocating with a piano won’t be overly expensive. After all, when you find decent piano movers in Minnesota they will offer you an affordable price on the whole relocation, with the instrument. But, let us tell you a bit more about that.

First, here are the pros and cons of moving a piano DIY in Minnesota

A woman playing a piano - it's time to decide whether to hire movers or relocate DIY.
A piano is both sensitive and extremely valuable – decide carefully how you will move it.

When it comes to moving house with a piano, it gets quite tricky. These instruments aren’t just valuable in a monetary and sentimental sense, but they are also rather delicate. In our experience as local movers in Twin Cities, they often suffer damage during transport. Especially when they aren’t prepared for the transfer properly. Hence, it’s essential that you know what you’re doing when moving a piano.

This is why we always suggest to our customers to find decent piano movers in Minnesota when they’re doing this kind of relocation. Our workers are trained to relocate these kinds of items, after all. They know which equipment to use in order to load and unload a piano. Also, in case your instrument needs to be disassembled, they know exactly how to do so. When they unload it in your new home they will set it up so that you can use it right away. All in all, we are the kind of piano movers in Minnesota who put your needs first.

Then, there’s the question of how one goes about finding decent piano movers in Minnesota

When you’re looking for good piano moving services in Twin Cities you’re going to need to start with a few recommendations. If you know anyone who also owns a similar instrument. Start with friends and family. They should be able to give you a couple of names and numbers to jot down. Remember, when you want to find decent piano movers in Minneapolis, you’re going to need more than one company to check out. We suggest making a list of at least five possible movers to consider.

When you’ve gone through your phone book, it’s time to head out to the local piano shop or a café which has one. Most of the time owners will have good piano movers in Minnesota in their contacts. After all, they probably use a relocation service from time to time. Hence, they should be able to give you a couple of reliable companies in Twin Cities to consider.

A piano in a hotel lobby - the perfect place to find good piano movers in Minnesota.
Try getting a few recommendations at the local music shop – they should have their own reliable piano movers in Minnesota.

In the end, if you still don’t have five companies on your list, it’s time to look online. There are plenty of good piano movers in Minneapolis which will have a website to advertise. Look up the services which you need and you will find a number of companies. Jot down their names and contact number and then continue on to the next step.

When you have a few piano moving companies in mind, it’s time to check them out thoroughly

How do you know if you’ve found decent piano movers in Minneapolis? This is why we’re going to give you a few ways to check your relocation companies out. Then, when you call them for an on-site estimate you will know you have the right moving company giving you one.

A checklist - here's how to vet for decent piano movers in Minnesota.
When you have a few movers in mind, vet them thoroughly.

Here are a few ways to vet for decent piano movers in Minneapolis:

  • First, check that these movers have a license and insurance. You can do this easily by looking up the company’s USDOT number. When you type it into the engine you will find the date when the license and insurance were updated.
  • Next, you should always check out the online reviews. We suggest looking at the testimonials available on the company’s website. Also, check out their Yelp page and any other social media pages available. Take these reviews with a grain of salt though. If you notice a recurring theme of bad experiences, it’s time to write off the company. Though, if it’s just one or two, it doesn’t mean that the company is necessarily bad.
  • Then, if you call your piano movers in Minnesota they should be able to give you a few references. If you dial the numbers you will be able to hear about their firsthand experience with the movers.
  • Finally, keep an eye out for the on-site quote. It is customary for piano movers to offer one at no cost at all. The representative should be asking you plenty of questions about it. They should also be able to give you a breakdown of the estimate and run-through of the moving day.

In the end, here’s what you need to do when you get a quote with your reliable piano movers in Minnesota

We’ve already mentioned getting an on-site quote. This is definitely the most reliable way to get an estimate on your relocation. The representative of the company will be able to see all of your belongings and the piano and tell you exactly how much the move will cost. These quotes are also binding. Hence, the price you get at the end of a cost won’t chance on moving day. If you’re relocating only your instrument with piano movers in Minnesota it shouldn’t be too expensive either. Though, if you’re moving house completely, the price will go up, naturally.

When doing the latter kind of relocation it’s essential that you show the representative everything you plan on moving. Show them the access to your home, any narrow passages, and any staircases. These will also affect the end quote. Also, tell them if you’re planning on hiring the company to do your packing for you. In the end, if you opt for moving with our piano movers in Minneapolis, ask the representative about their suggestions for an affordable relocation. They will always put your needs first, after all.