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Guide to understanding your moving contract

When you find yourself in a situation where you can’t understand your contract with your movers, you can find yourself in quite a trouble. There are certainly ways of understanding your moving contract, but one thing is for sure. You must read it carefully if you do not wish to sign something that is inherently bad for you. Let us help you, so when the time comes, you will know what you are signing in for.

Understanding your moving contract – moving estimate

Whenever you plan to move, the relocation company will come to your house to make a list of items. This list will provide them with overall information on what they are about to transport. Depending on a lot of factors such as fragility, value, girth, size, weight and other things, the moving estimate can change. There are two types of estimates, and they are either binding or non-binding.

To understand your relocation contract, read this estimate well. It also shows how two parties got to the final amount of money needed. This is the part where you must ask them every question that interests you. Because some things can easily change and you will end up paying even more. Do this when they initially arrive at your home for the first estimate. This is what local movers Minneapolis recommends you to do. Especially if you plan a long distance relocation. They can be quite hard and expensive, so make sure you that a thorough reading of your contract.


Person signing a contract
Understanding your moving contract will prevent possible scams

What is the order of service?

By definition, this document proves that you allowed the moving company to relocate your items. This document in the eyes of law is your official contract with moving company. Understanding your moving contract will require you to read it with patience. This is the time where you can negotiate on certain points of the contract. Or if you have any disagreement, tell it to the person who is in charge of your relocation. If you do not do this immediately you will risk paying for something you do not really need.

The order of service is a document that tells you all the things you must know regarding your relocation. In the top and bottom of the contract is the date of the moving day, cost, the cost of insurance and other terms. Within the contract, you can even apply to rent a storage unit. This will initially cost you a bit more, but you will surely be covered with a unit where you can keep your items. See with your local moving company about storage units St. Paul MN and negotiate the right price for them. This is the safest way to keep some items secured while you prepare your relocation.

A paper saying I agree after Understanding your moving contract
Agree to terms after you read them carefully

Questions regarding the bill of landing

When the moving day arrives, the movers will give you this document. It is very important to keep it safe, as it’s a proof about the moving agreement. This is a written permission that mover must have in order to complete your relocation. Once you receive this paper, they will ask you to sign it. This is proof that you are ok with the terms of the contract, fees and the final amount of money. As well as the dates of pick up and delivery, insurance etc. There are other papers moving company must provide you should know about.

We mentioned how important this document is, so make sure you read it carefully. The terms must not differ from the terms you agreed upon initially. If by any chance there is some difference, talk with the person in charge. Only sign the contract if you are fully certain of it. Once they sign it as well, they will provide you with the copy. Keep the copy with yourself at all times!. This is an official receipt and contract regarding the moving process. Never lose this copy because you can end up in trouble if something bad happens to your items. You will not have any proof of agreement or payment in that case.

A person asking questions about the contract
If you have any questions ask them away

The high and low-value inventory sheet

On the same day of the relocation, they will provide you with this sheet. It is a list of everything that the company is responsible for. As they remove items from your house, they will complete the sheet. And every item will receive its own tag. Be present at all times during this process. Just as another set of eyes, and to participate in tagging the items properly. The moving company will require you to document every tag, just for yours and their safety. This is a good representation of reliable movers. Once you are certain you got all the tags, they can proceed with loading them into the moving truck.

This sheet provides you with the note of arrival at your new home. After all, items arrive, you will be asked to sign the sheet as well. Before you do that, make sure nothing is damaged, broken or missing. If something like that happens, notice the person in charge about it. As this is a good proof to claim your insurance. The high-value inventory sheet revolves around expensive items. There are ways they are transported and stored. But that will cost you more, just to know.

A man signing a contract
Items of higher value will cost more to transport

Understanding your moving contract is not so hard. Just follow our guideline and you will have no problem figuring it out. This is not some sort of scary story, just stay calm and read even the small letters. Are you already experienced mover? Hit us up in the comment section below! And share with us your thoughts on what is important to know when you sign a contract. We are happy to hear from you and the other readers as well!