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Friday Morning

Good Morning Minnesota,

It is an early morning today. I am checking in from City Moving & Storage at 7 am. It was a bit chilly this morning but I do enjoy the cool October mornings. It is that awkward time in the year where it is cold enough for a sweatshirt in the morning. As the day passes, the weather worms up and you end up sweating in your sweatshirt. I really should not be complaining because that frigid Minnesota winter is looming in the near future. I can not believe that the Vikings played in an outdoor stadium for two years. I have been to 3 December Viking’s games (super cheap tickets because of the below zero temperatures) and I froze all 3 times!

City Moving & Storage has expanded again! We have just bought a 48 feet vault trailer! This will make it more convenient for people to store their items with us. The vault trailer will make operations more efficient and end up saving you money! Right now we have three 28 feet trucks to serve the customers. On big jobs we have to charge the customer for using two of our trucks. With our 48 foot trailer, however, we will only have to send one truck out to the customer’s house. In addition, we add another truck to our fleet. We have a total of four trucks and will be able to serve more customers.

I just wanted to take the time to thank all of our customers so far. Moving is a tough job for us. Long hours, hot days, heavy furniture… you get the picture. All of our customers have been so nice to us. They have treated us respect and we have returned the favor. Thank you for the kind words and the positive attitudes. We realize that we would not be here without you guys. All of you guys have been awesome. Thank you!

Thank You for Stopping By Minnesota,

Justin Bonanno