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When you finally find yourself in the unfamiliar surroundings of your new place, it’s time to start making it your new home. What better way of doing this than integrating your self into the community and the local lifestyle. As one of the most popular movers in Minneapolis, we are

Good Morning Minnesota, Tough tough day for the Vikings yesterday. Oh well, life goes on. It was kind of nice seeing the Seahawks botch that Field Goal for the win last night. But it still brought up some painful memories of last season. We can’t really be too upset because

Start brewing the coffee, warm up the donuts and grab your jackets.. it is another Monday morning in Minnesota. I did not get my coffee this morning so I am not ready to tackle the day. I did eat an apple with a glass of water. Whoever said that is

It is time to address that kinda awkward question.. should you tip your movers?? I know moving is expensive but moving heavy furniture is not an easy job. My parents tip everyone. My dad even tips the guy at the baseball game that takes you to your seat. However, it

So..our beloved Vikings are 4-0. What has contributed to their early success this season? Sam Bradford has looked great replacing the injured Teddy Bridgewater. Xavier Rhodes looks like the next Richard Sherman. The Vikings Defense has been stingy and given the fewest points in the NFL. All of these have