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Bonanno Moving Tips

Good Afternoon Minnesota,

Ahhh there is nothing better than knowing that the weekend is one day away. Friday and Saturday are usually two busy days in the moving industry. Since some of you reading this could be moving this weekend, I wanted to share some helpful tips for your upcoming move. These tips will help you save time and money!

  • Pack all boxes so that they completely full (this makes it easier for the movers to stack and protects your items better)
  • Leave all clothes in the dresser (saves movers trips… saves you money)
  • Do not leave miscellaneous unpacked (this will end up costing you so much money!!!)
  • Take apart all beds and desks
  • Make sure kitchen items are packed tightly
  • Make it clear which items are staying and going (we have a lot to worry about so sometimes we forget… sorry!)

I have one last tip for your move. I think it is the most important and unique. I have thought of this tip based on experience. It will cost you about $10 but in the long run it will pay for itself.


Think about it… your movers won’t get tired as fast, they will have extra energy and move your furniture quicker. This will save you time off your bill and make your final payment cheaper. In addition, the movers will be so grateful that they will want to work extra hard for you.  Donuts would be a nice touch too (although this might slow them down haha!) Regardless, any small gesture will make the movers feel like they owe you a day of hard work. Buying energy drinks for your movers will be a great investment!

Thank you for stopping buy Minnesota!