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Best Minnesota cities for retirees

Over than 50% of all baby boomers plan on moving to another city after retiring. Whether it is due to different housing needs or wanting to be closer to their family, relocation can have a positive impact on a home budget as well. Downsizing to a smaller home in retirement can help you eliminate the mortgage.  However, deciding on the right new city to call home shouldn’t be taken lightly. In order to help you make the right call and an informed decision, we have researched and prepared the list of the best Minnesota cities for retirees.

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Find the best place for your new home

Where to move after the retirement?

Some cities may be considered to have better amenities than the others. However, when voting on the best MN city to invest in real estate, it all comes to your personal priorities and lifestyle. Settling in a small and peaceful city may sound like the perfect choice for some of you while the others might feel more comfortable living in a larger metropolitan area such as the Twin Cities. Whatever the case may be, make sure you have a list of priorities and do a detailed research before you decide on which of the best Minnesota cities for retirees to move to.

Here are the cities that are our top choices when it comes to finding the perfect place in MN to retiree:

  • Minnetonka.
  • Eagan.
  • Rosemount.
  • Falcon Heights.

Minnetonka, Hennepin County

Minnetonka is a suburban city, just 8 miles away from Minneapolis. Besides being one of the best neighborhoods for families in Twin Cities, Minnetonka is a great place for a retirement. Being conveniently located close to the Twin Cities, Minnetonka will allow you to have a peaceful suburban lifestyle while having an easy access to all of the amenities of the large metropolitan area.

This suburban community has a diverse culture and being in a great school district it is a popular place for families to move to.


Eagan is another great suburban area in Twin Cities that has evolved from a small farming town into a successful business community. As Eagan is considered to be a great place for high skilled workers, retirees usually move there in order to be closer to their families and grandchildren. With many restaurants, a water park, and a large outlet mall, Eagan offers many fun family activities.

houses in one of the best Minnesota cities for retirees
A suburban area would allow you to have a peaceful family life

If you are considering moving to the area after retiring, all you have to do is to find reliable Eagan movers. Therefore you will be able to relax and plan your new life while the professionals take care of the heavy lifting.


This small town with a unique charm and a vibrant local culture is located less than an hour drive away from the Twin Cities. Rosemount offers affordable housing and it features many amenities. Local shops, restaurants, and cafes help the community of approximately 22000 people maintain its vintage charm. The city is considered to be very walkable and safe. Therefore, it presents a perfect retirement moving destination.

Falcon Heights – Minneapolis

Even though it is not a city, Falcon Heights made to our list due to its safety and location. This cozy Minneapolis suburbian neighborhood has less than 6000 residents and extremely low crime rates. In addition to being a safe and peaceful neighborhood, it is considered to be affordable as well. The median rent is just below $900, which is well under the national average.

Moving to one of the best Minnesota cities for retirees

After choosing on the perfect new city to call home, comes the time to start planning your move. Many people find this process to be daunting or stressful. However, it possible to completely avoid any mistakes and relocate hassle-free. All you need is a detailed moving plan.

The best time to start planning your move is as soon as possible. Having a few months to plan and conduct the move to one of the best Minnesota cities for retirees will allow you to reduce the stress and avoid moving scams. With a proper plan and the help of a professional moving company like City Moving and Storage MN, you will ensure all of your items arrive intact to your new home.

The best way to stay organized is to create a moving checklist:

  • Create a packing plan.
  • Find a reliable mover when moving to one of the best Minnesota cities for retirees.
  • Make moving budget.
  • Take care of all pre-move tasks and prepare for the move.

Decide which items you want to relocate

If you are downsizing to a smaller home, relocating all of your belongings won’t leave much living space. In order to declutter your future home and lower the moving cost, evaluate which items you want to move with you. Packing tends to be an emotional part of the move. This is the moment many people realize they will be leaving their current home and all of the memories behind. This is why so many people tend to cling to unnecessary belongings. Which leads to a cluttered home unnecessary storage costs.

Avoid common mistakes by staying practical. Divide your items into a few separate categories. Donate, give away or sell the ones you don’t need or use any more. Keep in mind that by lowering the overall size of your move you will end up saving money on moving expenses. Also, by relocating fewer belongings you will leave space for redecoration and new memories.

Hire the best MN moving company

There are many moving companies to choose from. Make sure you avoid any scams by hiring reputable long distance movers in Minneapolis. Make sure you check their license, reputation and service quality. Keep in mind that just by being licensed a specific mover doesn’t necessarily becomes the right choice for you. Your movers need to be able to meet all of your requirements. Therefore, make sure you ask detailed questions about their services, and evaluate them before signing a contract.

How to create the budget

The best way to keep track of all of your spendings is to create a budget. Start with the quote you got from your movers. In order to get an accurate idea of your spendings, add all of the expenses that may come along. Plane tickets, temporary housing, packing supplies… are just a few items to start with.

a woman creating a moving budget
Don’t forget to include any expenses into your budget

Is there anything else?

Avoid any mistakes when moving to one of the best Minnesota cities for retirees by making a pre-move to-do list. As the moving day comes closer, you will get busier. Make sure you don’t overlook any important task by creating a checklist. Therefore, you will be ready for the moving day and be able to relocate stress-free.