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After relocation it comes the time when you need to unpack your possessions and organize everything. You can make unpacking plans based on the size of your move. Today we will look into how to store your sports equipment properly. You’ve invested a lot of money buying quality equipment, and

Use of storage bins for selling on a market

Do you have too many things and not enough storage space? It might look messy and unkept. You should look to make it appear more decent and tidy. There are many solutions available to you. However, there are storage bins that can also help you with your problem. Storage bins are

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We all know about the say „sharing is caring“, but is it really the case when it comes to the storage unit. Here we will discuss the pros and cons of sharing a storage unit with a friend. Is it a good idea or bad, you can decide at the

Being an artist in Minnetonka has its own benefits. There are a lot of ups and other benefits as well. Furthermore, being a productive artist requires a lot of space for your art. Especially if you decide to rent a storage unit for your art. Learn here how to pack

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Having some extra space to safely store your items during a move can help you avoid unnecessary relocation stress and allow you to move with a piece of mind. Whether you need to store your items for just a few weeks or a longer period of time, renting a proper storage

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Trying to preserve a top quality of our valuables is never an easy task. As a collector myself I always encounter the same problem. The question on how to store collectibles & furniture. This process is not that simple since every type of furniture and collectibles have their own way