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Congratulations on your relocation! It was a hard process and now you deserve to rest! If you are considering a house-warming party and don’t know where to begin then you are in luck! We can help you by giving you a few hints on planning a house-warming party for yourself and your friends! Everything will go smooth and you will have a great time in your new place! Continue reading “Planning a house-warming party – how to do it?”

Moving takes a lot of effort. Not to mention when you are moving with pets. Because every pet needs its own certain conditions if you wish to move them without stress. This is not any different for fishes and fish tanks. Especially if you are moving to big cities such as Minneapolis or St Paul. There is a lot of aquariums with different sizes, shapes, and functions. Most importantly, they all require a certain way of transportation. A way that will prevent them from damages. These tips and hints on moving an aquarium will help you prepare it for transportation. So do not worry about it getting damaged! Continue reading “Moving an aquarium – tips and hints”

Adapting to a change as huge as moving to a new city is almost never easy. Having to plan and organize an entire house relocation process, help your children adapt to the idea of switching schools and meeting new friends as well as organizing the family lifestyle in a new neighborhood might be overwhelming. The best way to easily settle in after moving to Minnesota is to get to know the area. Planning a fun family day will help you relax after the move as well as help you get familiar with Twin Cities and your new hometown. In order to help you, we have created the list of fun top things to do in Woodbury. Continue reading “Top things to do in Woodbury”

When planning a relocation people often get mislead with wrong or incomplete guides, information and advice. In order to make the preparation process as easy as possible for you, we have created the list of frequently asked questions about moving and precise answers to each of them. Continue reading “Frequently asked questions about moving”

Moving process can be very stressful. Whether it is a long distance moving or local, you will have a lot of tasks you must accomplish before and after the move. This amount of stress isn’t really healthy for a person, so we thought we could give you a list of top amusement parks in Minnesota. This way you can go out and have some fun with your family or by yourself. This is one of the best stress relieves you can have in today’s fast living society. Continue reading “Top amusement parks in Minnesota”



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