Moving to Bloomington with ease

So, some changes happened in your life and you decided to move to Bloomington. Whether you want to further your education, start a career or have a better job opportunity you really do not want any stress and mistakes while moving. In this article, we will talk about some steps you can take in order… Read more »

How to fit in as an expat in Minnesota

Minnesota has a unique culture that, at first sight, may seem difficult to adapt to. But, if you have good manners and willingness, you will easily adjust as an expat in Minnesota. Our suggestions will help you move to Minnesota trouble-free and to complete your transformation from an expat to true Minnesotan.

Best places for young artists in Twin Cities

The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are becoming more and more inviting to the “formidable” generation called “millennials”. This due to the cities vibrant visual arts community among many other cool things. The state isn’t lacking in places for young artists in Twin Cities, as well as art connoisseurs. Visitors get to pick… Read more »

Best cities to buy a house in Minnesota

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Best places for couples in Minnesota

Welcome to Minnesota to all newlywed, engaged or those seeking the next step of living together in their relationship! If you’re thinking of relocating together and getting a new place, there are going to be plenty of decisions you will need to seek a compromise on. But, we want to give you a few tips… Read more »

Where to find cheap packing supplies?

City Moving & Storage understands the needs of its customers in the most refined way. We don’t just offer safe storage units, we also want to help you learn more about the process and save you money. Cheap packing supplies are a great way to lower your moving costs. Don’t get us wrong, we offer the… Read more »