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When planning a move there are a few important decisions you will need to make before even setting a moving date. The very first one will most likely be whether you should live in an apartment or house in MN. Finding the best housing option for you and your family


Holidays are approaching, and whether you plan on spending Thanksgiving in Minneapolis in a traditional way and are looking for the best restaurant to make reservations for dinner or want to do something different this year, Twin Cities have many great activities and venues to offer.

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Over than 50% of all baby boomers plan on moving to another city after retiring. Whether it is due to different housing needs or wanting to be closer to their family, relocation can have a positive impact on a home budget as well. Downsizing to a smaller home in retirement

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Deciding to relocate your entire home is a huge and life-changing decision. Whether you are moving as a single or with small children, your move will require detailed preparations and planning. In order to avoid any stress, injuries and stay healthy while moving you need to get informed well in advance.

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When searching for the perfect home to move to there are many facts you need to evaluate. The neighborhood, school district, location, living space… The list goes on, and if you are moving with pets, you need to ensure there is enough space and that you choose among the most

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Having some extra space to safely store your items during a move can help you avoid unnecessary relocation stress and allow you to move with a piece of mind. Whether you need to store your items for just a few weeks or a longer period of time, renting a proper storage