Month: June 2018

couple holding hands

Sometimes there comes a time when you need to go out to the great outdoors and just relax in nature. With all the trees, open sky, grass, flowers and animals, you will surely find peace there. But sometimes, it can be difficult to find such a place while living in

Preparing sculpture for the move

Being an artist in the 21st century is stressful enough. Having a lot of competition in today’s world is already having a problem for upcoming artists to reach the top. One of the problems that can occur today is those during the relocation. Hiring unprofessional movers to handle your creation

Cartoon man asking himself should you help your movers

Before anything, congratulations on your decision to move to a new place! Now that you organized and planned your move, the last thing that remains is the moving process itself. And when the moving day arrives, you probably wonder how can you help your movers? And should you? Have in

Information about long distance moving

The process of locating good and reliable long distance movers in Minneapolis can seem like a daunting and expensive task. If you conduct a little research, you can save thousands of dollars and energy avoiding moving scams. Our following guide helps you find reliable long distance movers you can trust

cartoon people discussing about pros and cons of moving to Bloomington

It is that time of year when people take vacations and make plans for summer. Reading this article probably means you are searching for pros and cons of moving to Bloomington. As with every city in the world, there are a lot of ups and downs. Although Bloomington MN is

When you finally find yourself in the unfamiliar surroundings of your new place, it’s time to start making it your new home. What better way of doing this than integrating your self into the community and the local lifestyle. As one of the most popular movers in Minneapolis, we are