Month: April 2018

Here are some red flags for moving scams to keep in mind when relocating.

If you’re going to be moving house, you should definitely know how to spot a fraudulent company. Hence, as reliable Minneapolis long distance movers, we want to help you learn about red flags for moving scams. After reading through this article, you will have all the necessary information you need

Relocating to Minnesota was probably the best decision you ever made! Let us assume you picked Twin Cities for your new home and you are eager to explore and start assimilating. You are in luck because Minnesota has so much to offer, and you would think winter is the quiet

Everyone agrees kitchen is the hardest room to pack. It’s a place in our home which we use the most and rooms that see a lot of traffic usually are the ones with the most clutter. For example, in my home, the kitchen counter closest to the door is always

If you're thinking of hiring good piano movers in Minnesota for your relocation here are some pointers.

Own a piano? Then, you’re in a bit of a bind when it comes to moving house. Though, as one of the most experienced movers in Twin Cities, City Moving & Storage MN has a way to help you have a smooth relocation. You will need to think about finding

Your move to the Midwest and the Land of 10,000 lakes went without a hitch. That’s because you used the best moving companies Twin Cities has to offer, and that’s why your relocation story is a happy one. Now that you are getting comfortable in your new home, let us assist

A billiards table ready to be moved by reliable pool table movers.

Moving house with a pool table? We assure you that you’re not in for nearly as much trouble as you think you are. A reputable moving company can solve almost all of your problems when it comes to moving difficult objects, like billiards tables. So, as one of the most