Month: April 2016

Moving residences is a large undertaking. Without organization, it can get hectic. Use the following moving checklist to stay organized and ensure your move is as streamlined and easy as possible. Go through each room and decide which items you will keep, which you will throw away, and which you

Moving is a huge deal. A lot of preparation and anxiety go into the process. To help eliminate moving headaches, many homeowners choose to hire a moving company. However, not all moving companies are created equally. To help find the best option for your needs, here are a few questions

The United States Tax Code is complicated — it is filled with odd deductions, exceptions and rules. One deduction that isn’t too complicated is the moving deduction. The moving deduction is one of several tax deductions that seeks to reward people for improving the state of their employment. The moving

Moving from one house to another can be stressful and even overwhelming, but with a little preparation the process will go very smoothly. Avoid these ten moving mistakes to ensure an organized, stress-free move: 1. Not packing similar items together. Make you life easier after the move and organize your