Month: March 2016

The sale has gone through and you must be out.  Many of us have multiple moving experiences to recount, some positive, and some not so positive.  Packing up all of your belongings yourself may seem at first to be cost-efficient.  But combined with the potential for injury, how time-consuming it

There can be many stressors when moving. Crossing your fingers and hoping your breakables arrive intact doesn’t have to be one of them. Here are several tips for wrapping and packing breakables for moving. They will greatly reduce the chances of damage while giving you peace of mind. Dishes Lots

Any major change in environment is likely to cause stress in pets. Moving is one of those changes that turns a pet’s life upside down. Packing, moving, a flow of people in and of your house can all confuse and possibly scare pets. But not to worry, there are several